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Online Training on how to make Bio-Bricks

Registration Form : Online Training on how to make Bio-Bricks :  Date : 8th November, 2020, Loading… What will be covered Learn How to make Bio-Bricks | Gobar Bricks | Vedic Bricks | Ecologic Bricks Lesson 0: How to get started and What to expect from natural building material Lesson 2: What the Main Ingredients : Binding Agent -->Lime Lesson 3: What are Key Ingredients : Dusting Agent --> Sand Lesson 4: How mixing should be done and for long Lesson 5: How stumping should be done and for long Lesson 6 :Importance of Dusting material (Sand Vs Mud) Lesson 7: Bio-Brick Frame Care Lesson 8 :Bio-Brick Making/Laying Lesson 9: Bio-Brick Sun Drying and Why no Dark Drying For those who have missed on Online Training Session on how to make Bio-Bricks , You can watch the full recording of the session .👇 Other Important Resources for this Training      Learn to make BioBricks : YouTube Play List 

Fasting , Autophagy and You

  I was introduced to the word Fasting in Childhood and to the word Autophagy in 2016 , when Japanese Scientist got a Nobel prize for it. I understood the meaning of both these phenomena when I did some self study  on them and I experienced both at a health retreat.   So , What is Fasting and Autophagy ? This is what I have learned and experienced .  1) Meaning of Fasting :  Total abstention from taking any kind food is known as “fasting” . It is an essential not to take any solid or liquid food, cereals , fruits and sometimes even water during the fast.  But, since childhood , I have observed many forms and practices  of fasting from people around me. I remained confused until I actually did a full day dry fast. I mean fast even with water. Likewise , I have seen keeping different connotations and levels of beliefs about the what the meaning of Fasting. Some of them confused it with starvation and hunger. They simply refused to allow their body and soul experience “fasting” just becau