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What is Vermiponics

Since, many decades Vermicomposting has been used for managing organic waste. The biggest advantage of using vermi-compost is that you are able to take full advantage of benificial microbial activity in soil and nutrition that come out of earth worm gut. In this article , we will learn how vermicompost can be used in systems of soilless gardening such as Hydroponics. Earthworms have great ability to increase bio-avalibility of plant nutrient. It ingest ingest plant growth-promoting rhizospheric bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, Bacillus, Azosprillium, Azotobacter, etc. along with rhizospheric soil.This activity automatically increase the population of these benifical bacteria in the soil which leads to abdunace of growth promoting bacteria and enzymes. Pseudomonas bacteria helps plants to become more strong and promote growth. The Bacillus ,Azotobacter and Rhizobium bacteria fixes nitrogen from the environment for plants and promotes growth in plant.Azosprillium induces b

Can Artificial Intelligence identify "Taste?

There is lot of debate these days about Artificial Intelligence (A.I). A large scientific community expects that in coming year’s lot of the problems that are bothering humankind can be solved with help of A.I. Let us discuss whether Artificial Intelligence identifies "Taste" such sweet , bitter , sour etc.,. For building a “taste identification system” we will need computer aided “Taste Buds”. These artificial taste buds will require some kind hardware instrumentation that can get stimuli from the food item such as lemon and give response. The artificial taste buds should in fact first be able to identify “Food Items “, from where it can get idea about the taste. For recognition of the food items such as fruits, vegetables an image processing based system can build and from its database, the taste signature can by just be displayed characteristics of the Food and taste is one the characteristic of a food. However, this is does not qualify a sophisticated artificia