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Gobar Brick , Cow Dung and Tiles

Houses that  are heat resistant both in winter and Summer are rare these days. As we grow the socio-economic  ladder  , we want to live in a pucca  house made of cement. In-fact , We want every thing "Permanent ", "Ever Lasting"  things in life. Forgetting that  Every thing in this world is transient. We want to make a pucca house that the next generation does not like and they want to change the design of house , buy new furniture , buy new bed sheets curtains and in-fact the new generation keep coming back  and ask was  change in house itself. Some even go beyond  They want to move to new better places not just for jobs but for better life. Yet ,we want to make a pucca houses . A house that lasts generations.. Mobility is key factor in remaining employable these days. You find thousands of houses vacant just because the residents have moved away to make better living. Yet we want have house that lasts for ever. We never buy a Car , we the thought that it w

What is Bioreactor for a Gardener

One is the biggest problem a gardener faces is "Composting ". For most of the gardeners is a laborious work which many gardeners prefer to ignore or out source. In this article we shall try to overcome this challenge by making a "Bioreactor". So , what is a Bioreactor ? For a gardener, It is an setup in which is specially made for growing bacteria , fungi , protozoa ,nematodes etc. This apparatuses is only for those who believe in natural science of gardening and farming. It is for those who love to do gardening and farming with help of fungi , bacteria and other beneficial microbes and they want to multiply them for building a better ecological system. Aren't We already doing composting. Isn't that a Bioreactor ? Yes , you are right a composting bin or pit is a Bioreactor. Lets listen to the Pod Cast and Know the in detail Highlights : 1) Understanding basic meaning of Bioreactor for Gardeners 2) How Bioreactor is an En

What is Bioponics

Bioponics is a system where multiple kind of  micro life forms are used for growing tasty food.  This methods comes under a spectrum of operations that can be achieved without the use of soil.  It is a method of exposing plants with biological live water. By biological “live” , it is meant that fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms are freely living in the water and are feeding on the organic material contained in the water. There is food for the microorganism and the same food is turned into high bio-available nutrient for the plants   How is it done ?  1) The set of the Bioponics is similar to any  typical hydroponics system that has circulatory system of sending water and nutrition . 2) The plant's parts such as the root-stem, leaves are exposed to the specially prepared Bioponics solution that maintains sufficient biological activity levels in the water. The   3) The Bioponics solution is basically made of decomposing organic material in water unlike