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Improving the survival rate of plantation drives

Rainy season is the best season for the plantation, but we can grow plants in almost all seasons to keep the earth green. Tree planting is typical an annual event during rainy seasons. It is an opportunity to do noble –social – environment work and get photographed for news items. Once, the drive ends the plants are left at the mercy of abiotic and biotic stresses. This article gives simple methodology to reduce the mortality of sampling from the beginning and effective use of organic waste, even if someone lacks experience in maintaining tree saplings. Research shows that if soil contains 50% organic material such as dead wood, grass, leaves, branches and other decaying natural material, it is a perfect recipe for growing plants without much human intervention. Using this fact, we can increase the survival rate of plants saplings, especially when the plant drives are conducted in urban areas. Improving the survival rate of plantation drives  Secondly, the following law of

Research Idea : Improving the Quality Indian Satellite Data

I was reading information about the Bhuvan Portal on wiki and found that there is some degree of criticism floating around the quality of Bhuvan portal, India.  According to the Wikipedia . Bhuavan platforms has information and tools that has been sourced using crowd sourced resources and Yes from other departments of government of India. The information on this platform is available in four langues and has lot of information regarding  Geo-spatial data on India.  Examples of the types of geo-spatial layers include Toll Information System for National Highways Authority of India , Islands information System for MHA, Cultural heritage sites for Ministry of culture etc. The Wikipedia also informs that the quality of Geo-spatial data on the bhuvan site is also not that good. This gave me idea that lot of students (BTech, MTech and PhD) can work on improving the quality of satellite imagery available on the Bhuvan website. Criticism Text from Wikipedia  Why do research on t

How to use an external library in NS-3

 NS-3** is an open source discrete-event network simulator primarily used for research and educational purposes to simulate real life networking related problems. Although, it provides a plethora of inbuilt modules that enable researchers to empirically analyze and create simulations, often one may require to leverage an external library. However, it is not very difficult to do so and there are a couple of ways to do the same. How to use an external library in NS-3  The easiest way is to use the **** script to create a module and use the `example/`  **directory** under the module to write some **executable code**. The idea is to leverage the boilerplate code which comes with a **waf script** that can be configured to quickly link to an external library such as **fuzzylite library** and get a working example running. ## Steps 1.  `cd src/` 2.  run `./ fuzzylite-demo` > fuzzylite-demo is the module name and can be anything as per

Overcoming Barriers to Roof Top Raise Bed Gardening

                            One of the biggest barriers to Roof Top Gardening is “Weight”. .Yes, I'm not talking about your Weight … Many people get discouraged by the fact the weight of the Pots and Potting mixture. As it normally so  high that it is hard to carry and construct Raise Beds on rooftops or in upper floors of the building. In-fact , I have been feeling the same challenge , that is why I had to resorted to Plastic Buckets and Containers. It's okay to use Plastic for growing your own food. But , alternatives to plastic must also be considered and put into practice. Move  over , we should think about overcoming the limitations of growing plastic buckets. A  raised bed with  potting mixture is better for growing veggies as compared to the plastic containers. This is because a raised bed would store more volume of soil  and will have a better mico-ecosystem as compared to the ecosystem of plastic containers. They allow us to have better drainage and the

Benefits of Multani Mitti

Mud is one of the five elements of our body and Multani Mitti has special place in our lives... It is found in abundance in the area of ​​Pakistan Multan. It is also known as Fuller's Earth in English. It is very smooth in yellow color and comes in the form of lump. It has less silica and more lime stone. In North India, it is  easily available and is not costly item .Its use is helpful in getting rid of many diseases, health problems and diseases of body and skin. Benefits of Multani Mitti Benefits of Multani Mitti: --- (1.) If it is cured and used together with turmeric, the wrinkles and pimples are removed and the skin becomes soft. (2.) By applying soap every day, body friendly bacteria are destroyed, due to which the body's immunity is destroyed and also the natural human smell of body - pheromone is also eliminated; Which is a very important means of mutual biochemical communication among people. Pheromones have a big role in determining / regulating