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Recipe for Making Natural Aftershave

Personal  care  industries  are  full  of  stories  which  make  me  wonder, .................... That  items  of  personal  care  are  designed  for  our  protection,  or  are  designed  to  destroy  us.  Fragrances,  scents  and  Aftershave  are  also  composed  of  contents  that are  associated  with  cancer,  asthma,  autoimmune  conditions  and  skin  problems.  There  is  a  growing  need  to  find  substitutes  /  replacements  for  Aftershave  chemicals.   Making Natural Aftershave before sieving  In this article, we will learn to make a natural after-shave solution that can be made from your Kitchen and Kitchen Gardening resources.  If your garden has rose plants. This recipe is just for you. If you grow apples in your Orchard, this recipe is for you. Because you can also use Apple Cider/Vinger to make a similar replacement of chemical-based " Aftershave for men" . Learn to make a toxin-free  “ Natural Aftershave ”. You must learn to make so that you can br

Recipe for Making Natural Astringent

Astringent! , before you learn to make a natural astringent for your improving your skin health. You must first understand the word “ Astringent “ as a word. By definition, astringent in the personal care industry is typically a water-based solution that helps to remove irritants from your skin and helps to even out your skin tone. They are typically used in treatments of oily skin and acne-prone skin.  Now, Let’s explore the definition of “ Fruit Astringent “. When you eat unripe fruit such as Banana….,                                                          How do you feel? , You generally feel dry, puckering mouthfeel. It is caused by the tannins in unripe fruits. These are natural Astringents ( tannins ) working on your body to irritate you. In fact, there are many other innate materials that can work as Astringent. Some of them are healthy and some are not so good on our skin and body. Remember astringent is a substance that contracts your skin and he

Recipe for Making Natural Deodorant

Research shows that we are killing our selves by using chemical-based products on our bodies.      Deodorant is one of the product we use on our body. The purpose of using Deodorant is to suppress the unpleasant smell coming from our bodies but in applying such products we kill large volumes of beneficial bacteria that reside on our skin. There are trillions of bacteria on our body and from the date, we are born the bacteria and our human cells live in a symbiotic relationship. In fact, it is a known fact that some parts of our immune system will not develop or respond without bacteria. But, what do we do? : --, we apply harsh chemical-based perfumes, antiperspirants and deodorants on our bodies and run into health issues such as autoimmune diseases.  Chemical derivates of parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol and aluminium are frequently used in the manufacturing of the deodorants and antiperspirants. All of these chemicals are harmful and injuries in nature.

How to write a Breakup Letter

I wonder why we have breakups and heartbreaks. Is break up an inevitable event we seek in our life. Is breaking up a conscious act, If so, here is a sample love letter seeking a way out! Dear XXX When I meet you earlier this year, I feel, I had set my life on fire and though you will fan my flames, sorry fuel our dreams. Here I am, writing cold words that can turn water into lifeless ice. I must confess when I meet you thousands of bubble gum ideas spring up in my mind. Suddenly, all I want to do is to with you make those ideas possible in real life with you! Nevertheless, here I am writing a mindful piece of advice for both of us. I must admit that, when I meet you, my mind starts beaming with thousands of volts of laser rays. Rays that can light up our world and that keep the unknown world more predictable. However, it seems that we both have no time for each other. It seems being ordinary and simple is not paying me dividends. It seems that I become boring and sim

Beneficial Soil Creatures of Nature for a Gardener

In this PodCasts (S1E9), Dr Arun Bansal interacts with Puneet Arora to understand different the role of Ants, Termites, Earthworms, millipedes and centipedes. All these soil creatures somehow show up in our garden and we do not really know what to do with them? Beneficial Soil Creatures of Nature for a Gardener: PodCast In soil, these all these creatures play a very important role in gardening. All of them are helping to aerate the soil and help the plant get water and oxygen to the plants., not this all of them are helpful to the soil to become rich nutrition and indirectly impact the health of humans and animals who feed the plants. Yet, the role of all creatures is not properly understood and is most of the time ignored in kitchen gardening. Therefore, besides discussing the role of all these creatures in gardening, we shall discuss how to stop them from entering our homes and keep them in the garden only. The key takes aways from this podcast are Aerate Soil  De