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31 Software Projects Ideas for B tech Students

Students all the overworld suffer from the problem of finding “Problem “ or a project they need to make for their internships or projects to showcase their skills. I believe, this suffering is more of creativity problem rather than a problem of doing a “ Computer Science Project “ for an undergrad course. 31 Software Projects Ideas for B tech Students  I also think that it is a problem of finding solutions to the problems too quick and too fast due to the availability of so many internet-based resources such as Google. There are plenty of research papers and many stories written on the landscape of internet that no one can run of ideas for building projects for partial fulfilment of Btech or under-grad course undertaken. This article is yet another internet-based resource that can give ideas and be a useful asset for students. But, I must say that students must take up a real-life problem. Identifying and finding a real-world problem to work is a big challenge. Our educ

Types of Kitchen Waste for a Gardner

PodCasts: " Garbage Production is a Sign of Development  ".  But is it Good or Bad contribution to GDP    Once you are able to organize the waste, then making it more is not that annoying, but if the waste is spread around you, then trouble is in front, and you think a hundred times before adding it further. The solution is ... Use pick up the van and throw it far-off the municipality dumps it in a nearby village (Now a Garbage Dump). Some developed and clever countries dump it in other countries, some burn it in the air, some dump it in the seas and oceans. If real cleanliness is required then the production of waste will have to be reduced, the consumption will have to be reduced, the rest is eye-wash. But no one wants to do it because it reduces GDP, reduces the pace of development. Actually waste is development, but, it appears that development is the process of converting natural resources into waste. In these three episodes of PodCasts ( S1E5, S1E6, S1E7

Handling and Composting Wet Waste at Home

PodCast  Can, we image a world where nothing is waste and there is nothing to waste !! Can, we image ........... It is hard, too hard a problem to image also. But remember the world created by nature was link this only. There was nothing to waste and Nothing was wasted.      Handling and Composting Wet Waste at Home  In this episode, Dr Arun Bansal interacts with Mr Puneet Arora of ways to segregate waste and how to utilize the waste for a meaningful purpose using " no rule segmentation  : Wet Waste". Related Article Segregation of Organic-Waste

Lock-Down Gardening With Deep Mulch

What to do ... When you do not have garden soil                                    to start a garden in lockdown? Lockdown word has been added to our daily vocabulary ever since we learned about it from media for the first time. Many people have taken lockdown as an opportunity for getting started in gardening, especially urban kitchen gardening. But, the first challenge they face is about getting garden soil. People are living in a concrete jungle. Most of us are living in concrete blocks and access to the soil is limited. I certainly feel this current crisis of covid is a tiny simulation of a nuclear war or the crises such as radioactive leakage.  A situation, that prohibits people of free movement and limits their civil liberties. In this podcast , Dr Arun Bansal from social substance interacts with Mr Puneet Arora to find solutions for getting started with Gardening without sophisticated equipment and material.

Converting Mat File to GeoTiff Python

In many projects , there is a need to 'read' mat dataset files (Matlab) into pandas python arrays. especially, when you are working with hyperspectral image datasets. The hyperspectral  datasets are multidimensional in nature. Some of these files may be 3D and some may have larger dimensions.  All these datasets need to be transformed into GeoTIFF standard and specifications. When such multi-dimensional datasets are converted to normal NumPy array for doing some processing such as classification etc.  They loose meta-information related to geo-coordinates etc. In such cases, python libraries such as gdal , rasterio api, ArcGIS etc  can help to do this task of converting a mat file to GeoTIFF file.  It is a six-step process as shown in the figures below, we are using Google collab for running this example :   Pre-steps :  Install scipy , gdal , rasterio , pyproj using pip command.    Initialize Variables :  Original Raster File : It is t

Writing a Break Up Letter

Break Up Letter Example Writing a breakup letter is hard, especially when it is a childhood love. Here is a sample break up letter that you can use to break politely from your love and past. Dear XXXX, In love, there is little chance of objectivity. I remain an object beheld by you!. There is no other way to experience each other. But, I tell you I cannot remain a probability for you. You cannot remain a possibility for me. I feel everything is in a place, each planet and each star. We meet every other day. Just to miss the invisible force that is entangling me and you. I see a vanishing point that never meets. I see a fight between being lost and being free to be lost forever. I don’t understand my feeling but you can see inside out. I have travelled to nothingness and have come back to you. I have travelled to emptiness and have come back to you. At the same time, I have travelled awa

Vegetables to Grow in North India in May 2020

Growing your own food is an act of defiance.   I m saying this because this is the only way you can  safeguard your health and life.   I m saying this because this is the only way you can  safeguard your food chain from bad chemicals  I m saying this because this is the only way you can  safeguard your next generation from becoming a victim of digital dictatorships . ..  Any, In this article a garden design is given, assuming that you live in an 1800 square feet home. It is assumed that you have space and sunlight comes at your home for at least 5-6 hours as shown in Figure 1  to grow your freedom .. I mean, to grow your Food. Figure 1: Map of 1800 sq feet House                                                    I hope, you can co-relate this map of the house with your home design. So, here is the Summer Garden design and list of  Vegetables  that you can grow in May 2020.     Figure 2: Where to Grow Vegetables this Summer: Garden Design 1) You can