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Preparing Pots for Container Gardening

                              Starting Container Gardening in Lockdown needs some degree of creativity.  Especially, when the ... resources for making pots or containers are not available in the lockdown period. In this episode Dr Arun Bansal interacts with Puneet Arora to find out simple ways of making pots for growing veggies of the season.  A reference diagram for making a pots/containers is given below : Multi-Layer Approach of  Preparing Containers for Gardening                                        

Nesting Behaviors of Birds and Ethics

Many times, we do not see the world with normal eyes, we want our camera to see things for us. In an attempt to the extra-ordinary around us, we intrude into the world of birds. In this podcast Dr.Arun interacts with Dr Charan Kumar to discuss the nesting behaviour of the birds and how important it is to hold ethics in this context.   Dr Charn Kurmar is working as  Associate Professor at A.S. College, Khanna has a lot of experience in Bird watching.  I am sure his wisdom will help many in this world. Just check the conversation at the link given below : Key take ways:  This podcast is all about the nesting behaviour and photography ethics of birds. The main takeaways are as follows : While doing nesting photography there is no need to go near the nest. We should go near the nest only if  necessary that is for scientific study purposes and even then follow specific and standard procedures It is not morally or ethically right to disturb someone’s home, therefore, w

Lock-down Gardening

           If you did not stop eating in  Lock-Down, No one should stop you from  gardening In this podcast, Dr Arun Bansal interacts with Puneet Arora to discuss tips and ideas that be used during the lockdown period for improving your health through gardening. Key Take-Aways  1) Grow Micro-Greens  2) Use Water to Grow something that you can eat, in case you do not have prepared pots.  3) These days you may grow creepers, brinjal, tomatoes, peppers & mint, for more info Click here   4) Use/Harvest seeds from the vegetables you buy every day to grow. 5) Soil profile for creeper should have more sandy component and plants that love water must have high clay component. 6) If you have an existing container garden, then identify those pots that have fertile soil from your experience.  Use these pots for sprouting next generation of vegetation . 

Mushroom Spores Art and Craft

                                                   Since childhood, my thoughts have been overwhelming provoking my hands to draw something. “ Something ”  usually has unknown connotations and manifestations when I draw.  I mean,  many times I draw objects unmindfully and without any purpose. Definitely, it is hard to draw meaning out of what I draw. But, you can feel a lot of emotions and thoughts from it. Feel, similar to what you do, when you see clouds flowing in the sky. Feel, similar to what you think, when you see a vast stretch of landscape. Feel, similar to what you manifest, when you can imagine an object in some rock or stone. Any way ... Check out Paintings made by a dying mushroom... It is giving off spores and footprints of spores are being created in the process...   Mushroom Spores Art and Craft Nature draws and erases many objects every day, It craves and makes sculptures out of sand, stones, mountains, rivers etc. I do not know, whether

Vedic Plaster (FAQ)

In this article, I shall try to address the most frequently asked questions (FAQ)  on “ Vedic Plaster ”, a  product manufactured and sold by Dr Shiv Dharshan Malik . I got introduced to product “ Vedic Plaster ” some two years ago when I saw it’s the application at Bhopal, Sehatvan. I recently also made a trip to his Dr Shiv Dharshan Malik’s place Rohtak . Hence, based on my knowledge, experience and feedback from others I will try to remove confusion from the minds of people about it. Vedic Plaster Office  What is Vedic Plaster? It is a mixture of cow dung, mud, lime and other ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria/fungi. The purpose of this mixture is to act as a wall plaster, not necessarily as mortar mixture. Can Vedic plaster be used for Bathroom floor and wall?  Yes, it can be used for the walls of the bathroom but, it will not be prefered as a bathroom floor plaster.  This plaster can provide a smooth surface and it can handle water in the lon

Vegetable to Grow in North India in April 2020

Vegetables to Grow in North India in April 2020 In this article, information on vegetables that can be grown in the month of April 2020 , North India   The figure [1]  gives a simple design of the garden also.  The design of the vegetable garden is based on four (Light, Height, size, companion planting) factors ., assuming that you have a  small area of 12 feet X 10 feet.  The location of the wall(s )  and the source of water can be observed from the diagram and you can correlate with walls at your home. The conditions of the light are also shown.      Figure 1: Vegetable to Grow in North India in April  What to grow in April 2020 : You can grow all kinds of gourds such a sponge, bitter etc. You may grow tomato, okra or ladyfinger , eggplant or brinjal, yam, cowpea, capsicum/peppers.  Mint or Pudina needs a lot of water, plant it near the water source. Other than this, you may sow chilli seeds and start preparing a bed for sowing

How to combine multiple csv files using python pandas

How to combine multiple CSV files using python pandas   Puneet Arora  In due course time, many time we need to append or merge multiple text or CSV files into one single file. The need for combining multiple CSV files normally comes when we need to build a single dataset for doing some regression , machine learning model task etc. In this article, we shall learn with help of example on how to append or merge or combine multiple CSV files into a single file using the python pandas library. Kindly read the code listing 1 and 2 for instructions.                Code listing 1: Get Csv data and Combine data functions definitions In this code listing 1, two functions are defined for combing/appending the multiple CSV files . The first function get_data() , get the CSV files from the system, read the CSV files and returns a panda data frame that has no missing values. You can read the comments as well for an explanation. Code Listing 2: Implementation of the functions 

How to create Ground Truth Image or Labeled Image for a Classification Task

                 How to create Ground Truth Image /Labeled Image   for a Classification Task                                                 Puneet Arora,   Tuesday, April 07, 2020 Unless  we  are doing some medical project or a project  that requires  expertise in labeling objects in  images . The process of building a labeled image is easy and simple. This is because, the unsupervised learning models can automatically segment the objects and label them for us for building a labeled image. This labeled image can be subjected to a machine-learning model or deep learning models as target for learning a particular task. For example, a tasks of classifying vegetation in an image.  The code listing below gives simple steps that will help you build a  Ground Truth  image. For those who do not what a Ground Truth Image, here is the definition. “ Ground Truth " basically  means a set of measurements that may be one of it. Figure 1: Picture of Day from NASA :Jupiter