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Easiest Way to Install Laravel on Windows : How to install Laravel

 There are many ways  with which one can install Laravel 5 framework! How to install Laravel 5  a) Using Composer Installation. b) Using Laravel Installation. c) Using HomeStead Installation. d) By Using Bitnami Stack Installation. Which One is the Easiest Way!   Step 1: Download WAMP Stack msi file from   Step 2: Double Click and Follow the Steps :   Step 3 : Mention default port for Apache & Mysql   Step 4 : Give default passwords for MySQL Login.   Step 5 : Finish the Installation with Latest PHP 7   Step 6 : Go to C:\Bitnami\wampstack-5.5.29-1\apache2\conf\bitnami Folder .   Step 7: Open bitnami-apps-prefix.conf   Step 8 : Uncomment What you need # Bitnami applications installed in a prefix URL Include "C:/Bitnami/wampstack-5.5.29-1/apps/heroku/conf/httpd-prefix.conf" Include "