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What if Malika Sherawat comes to train You ?

What if Malika Sherawat comes to train you on  “Art of Glamorous Kiss“ What if Albert Einstein Comes to Train you at your College  to teach “Theory of Relativity” What if Newton comes to train you at your College to  ” Laws of Motions “ What if Amitabh Bachhan come to train you on “How to become rich in KBC “ What if Bill Gates comes to your College to train you on  “How to create a Visual Basic Program” What if Lord Krishna himself come to train you on  “Art of Romance “ What if Goddess Sarswati herself come to your College to Train you “How to become best students “. This day in history...,  I have not only felt this way. But repeatedly throughout my remembered history I have seen students..not attending or bunking and refusing   to attend classes in schools & Colleges I m talking about students who wants to make big in life . I can understand that if the topic is of no interest, for example, Mahatma Gandhi coming to yo